Welcome to Adonis 1st Academy of Cosmetology

The name of Adonis 1st Academy of Cosmetology has been associated with beauty, body therapy and make-up since its establishment in year 1998. Based on years of experience and excellence in trainings, Adonis 1st Academy of Cosmetology appeared to be one of the most respected and well-known name in the beauty and cosmetic industry.

The team behind Adonis 1st Academy of Cosmetology is fully dedicated, professionally qualified, and highly skilled in the fields required as quality education and inspiration of nature’s key elements are its fundamental believes. We offer a variety of training courses that are accredited and recognized by both local and international Examination Board.

Up to date, we have successfully trained thousands of graduates who are highly qualified in the beauty industry, equipped with vast knowledge and technical skills required.

"Enrich an Ordinary Life"