Why Study With ADONIS 1st Academy?


"Adonis 1st Academy has provided me a

well structured training of beauty skills

with supportive learning environment.


Everyone was so friendly and tutors

were committed to help students to excel.


Overall, I am very happy and chose the

right academy to pursue a career in the beauty industry."

Ms. Elena Rudavina

Diploma in Aesthetic Treatments

“CIDESCO course was challenging but the rewards are worth it!


Supports from tutors and fellow students kept me going and it was truly an experience I will always remember.


It wasn’t an easy road then, but I’m glad I’ve made it to the finals exam.


It really gives me a great foundation of skills and knowledge to excel in this industry.” 

Ms. Loo Ling Li

Cibtac Diploma in Aesthetic Treatments – Credit 


Cibtac Diploma in Photographic & Fashion Make Up

 – Credit

Cidesco Diploma in Beauty Therapy

Best Project - Cidesco Beauty Therapy Examination 2010

Malaysia Skill Certificate

“When I first enrolled at Adonis 1st Academy of Cosmetology, I was a bit nervous about taking on this new challenge.


My reservations were quickly laid to rest when I met the friendly, professional and competent tutors there as well as warm & loving classmates.


From then, I can feel their passion and commitment towards our education.

A huge shout out to my beloved Tutors! 


Thanks, Adonis !"

Ms. Ooi Yi Jia

Cibtac Diploma in Aesthetic Treatments – Honours


Cibtac Diploma in Photographic & Fashion Make Up – Credit

Cidesco Diploma  in Beauty Therapy

Best Project - Cidesco Beauty Therapy Examination 2010

Malaysia Skill Certificate

Best Student - Cidesco Beauty Therapy Examination 2010

“The Tutors have been great and willing to teach you what they know.


They are always encouraging you to explore your own creativity with hands-on learning. The bonds that I’ve made with the students here will last the rest of my life.


As I am coming closer to graduation, I feel prepared to take on the challenge ahead.”

Ms. Wong Poh Nny

Cibtac Diploma in Beauty Therapy Services with Facial Electrical Treatments 


Cibtac Diploma in Photographic & Fashion Make Up

Malaysia Skill Certificate


The name of Adonis 1st Academy of Cosmetology has been associated with beauty, body therapy, make-up & nail care since its establishment in year 1998. Based on years of experience and excellence in trainings, Adonis 1st Academy of Cosmetology appeared to be one of the most respected and well-known name in the beauty and cosmetic industry.


The team behind Adonis 1st Academy of Cosmetology is fully dedicated, professionally qualified,

and highly skilled in the fields required  as quality education and inspiration of nature’s key elements

are its fundamental believes. We offer a variety of training courses that are

accredited and recognized by both local and international Examination Board. 

Up to date, we have successfully trained thousands of graduates who are

highly qualified in the beauty industry, equipped with vast knowledge

and technical skills required.

About Us


“I’ve learned so much here, we do hands-on learning with demonstrations as well and 

i have made so many friends here.


As students, we are even trained in commercial training & learned how to handle customers. To me, I felt that this

is very important as I’m being prepared to

the real-world industry.


I’d definitely recommend Adonis to anyone looking for a professional training in the beauty industry.” 

Ms. Chin Pick Hua

Cibtac Diploma in Aesthetic Treatments - Honours


Cibtac Diploma in Photographic & Fashion Make Up

Cidesco Diploma in Beauty Therapy

Malaysia Skill Certificate

“I love my class, and the Tutors here are great & helpful.


It is easy to get a job upon my graduation. The students and staffs are friendly.


It’s simply a great Academy to learn variety

of skills from the professional team.”

Ms. Tan Kai Ying

Cibtac Diploma in Aesthetic Treatments – Honours


Cidesco Diploma in Beauty Therapy

Malaysia Skill Certificate

“Everything was good. The course was taught according to the syllabus & trainings provided are more into practical & up to international standard.


The most memorable part for me is that as students, we get to approach lots of customers during this duration especially on our ‘Open Days activity’.


It was so much fun doing it together with other classmates. At least we get the required exposure we need before steeping into the ‘real world’.”

Ms. Goh Ley Hwa

Cibtac Diploma in Aesthetic Treatments – Honours


Best Student - Cibtac Aesthetic Treatments Examination 2011

Cidesco Diploma in Beauty Therapy

Malaysia Skill Certificate

Optional to Study in English or Mandarin Language

Highly Skilled & Experienced Lectures

In Line with International Examinations’ Standards

Variety of Courses Available Under One Roof

Higher Level Pass Rate 

Internationally Recognized Diplomas 

Updated Syllabus & Effective Teaching Method

Professional Counselling

Flexible Study Options

Real World Exposure to Related Industry

0% Interest Payment Available

Commercial Training

Advance Industry Knowledge Sharing

Convenient & Strategic Location

More Employable

Attractive Co Curriculum

Choice of Curriculum Packages

Easy Payment

"Enrich an Ordinary Life"

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