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Aesthetic Treatment

Beauty Courses 

Diploma in Aesthetic Treatments

Course Duration: 350 hours  (4 Months)

Qualifications Gained:

Adonis Diploma in Aesthetic Treatments

Cibtac Diploma in Aesthetic Treatments - UK

Course Outline: 

Generic Areas of Study

G1  Electricity 

G2  Health & Hygiene

G3  Skin Structure & Function 

G4  Skin Diseases

G5  Hair 

G6  Nails 

G7  Introduction Business Studies 

G8  Salon Procedures 

Other Subjects


Skin Care / Analysis 

Lash & Brow Treatments

Electrical Treatments to The Face & Neck

Face, Neck & Shoulder Massage

Face Masks

Make-Up Techniques 

Nail Treatments

Waxing Treatments

Product Knowledge / Cosmetic Science

Anatomy & Physiology of

The Head, Face, Hands, Feet,

Lower Arm & Lower Leg



Blood Supply

Lymphatic System

Nerve Supply

Certificate in Intensive Beauty Treatments

Course Duration: 192 hours  (3 Months)

Qualifications Gained:

Adonis Certificate in Intensive Beauty Treatments  

Course Outline:

Basic Skincare

Skin Type

Client Handling & Consultation 

Facial Massage 

Electrical Treatments

Eye Treatments

Neck Treatments

Personal Make Up


Auras Therapy

Intensive Body

Certificate in Intensive Body Treatments

Adonis Certificate in Intensive Body Treatments  

Qualifications Gained:

Course Duration: 120 hours  (1 Month)

Course Outline:

Figure Diagnosis 

Body Cleansing

Body Exfoliation

Heat Treatments

Body Electrical Treatments

Body Massage

Body Masks

Adonis Certificate in Personal Skin Care 

Qualifications Gained:

Certificate in Personal Skin Care

Course Duration: 30 hours 

Course Outline:

Personal Facial Massage

Basic Skin Care 

Skin Type 

Personal Skin Care Routine

Personal Skin Care

Inclusive partial study kit for all professional courses. 

You may enrol any time at your convenience.

Flexible learning program available. 

Training hours:  

Monday – Saturday, 10am to 5pm 

Full Time & Part Time Class Available

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